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Name Title E-mail Phone
Steve Griffin Principal 850-535-2486
Latina English Assistant Principal 850-535-2486

Guidance Counselor

Name Title E-mail Phone
Haddock, Kaye Guidance Counselor 850-535-2486

Support Staff

Name Title E-mail Phone
Harmon, Montez Fourth Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
McIntyre, Kim Licensed Mental Health Counselor 850-535-2486
McKenzie, Renea Academic Analyst (Grades K-2) 850-535-2486
Smith , BJ Staffing Specialist 850-535-2486


Name Title E-mail Phone
Coatney, Tammy Data Entry 850-535-2486
Jackson , Brandi Bookkeeper 850-535-2486
Taylor, Jennifer Secretary 850-535-2486


Name Title E-mail Phone
Burch, Tonya VPK Lead Teacher 850-535-2486
Deaton, Lee VPK Paraprofessional 850-535-2486
Potter, Terra VPK Lead Teacher 850-535-2486
Smith, Holli VPK Paraprofessional 850-535-2486


Name Title E-mail Phone
Joiner, Cathie Pre Kindergarten 850-535-2486

Varying Exceptionalities

Name Title E-mail Phone
Balkcom, Stacey Varying Exceptionalities 850-535-2486
DiZoglio, Jessika Varying Exceptionalities Teacher 850-535-2486


Name Title E-mail Phone
Coatney, Danielle Kindergarten Teacher 850-535-2486
Collins, Marilyn Kindergarten Teacher 850-535-2486
Park, Karri Kindergarten Teacher 850-535-2486
Poppell, Carolyn Kindergarten Teacher 850-535-2486
Yates , April Kindergarten Teacher ILE 850-535-2486

First Grade

Name Title E-mail Phone
Brock, Brandi First Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
Brown, Amy First Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
Coe, Karolann K, 1st and 2nd Grade Teacher ILE 850-535-2486
Potter, Tosha First Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
Yates, Rachel First Grade Teacher 850-535-2486

Second Grade

Name Title E-mail Phone
Glass, Lisa Second Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
Mitchell, Jennifer Second Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
Nichols, Annette Second Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
Tyre, Cindy Second Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
Yates, Vicky Second Grade Teacher ILE 850-535-2486

Third Grade

Name Title E-mail Phone
Brock, Lindy Third Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
Griffis, Jay Third Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
Justice, Florence Third Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
Lee, Jamie Third Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
Smothers, Linda Third Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
Sutton, Darla Third Grade Teacher 850-535-2486

Fourth Grade

Name Title E-mail Phone
Kirkland, Heidi Fourth Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
Newman, Vanessa Fourth Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
Stanton , Jayme Fourth Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
Young, Judy Fourth Grade Teacher 850-535-2486

Fifth Grade

Name Title E-mail Phone Website
Booth, Kayla Fifth Grade Teacher 850-535-2486 Website
Burger, Vicki Fifth Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
Krueger, Patti Fifth Grade Teacher 850-535-2486
Ledet, Karen Fifth Grade Teacher 850-535-2486

Special Areas

Name Title E-mail Phone
Arick, Wayne Physical Education 850-535-2486
Brock, Melissa Music Teacher 850-535-2486
Galloway, Kelly Science Teacher 850-535-2486
Seaboch, Gail Librarian 850-535-2486


Name Title E-mail Phone
Brown, Jackie Paraprofessional 850-535-2486
Burke, Sonia Paraprofessional 850-535-2486
Cosson, Tammy Paraprofessional 850-535-2486
Farrar, Kim Paraprofessional 850-535-2486
Joyner, Caroline Paraprofessional 850-535-2486
Knight, April Paraprofessional 850-535-2486
Nix, Donna Paraprofessional 850-535-2486
Spivey, Paula Paraprofessional 850-535-2486
Terell, Kamaria Paraprofessional 850-535-2486
Thompson, Tara Paraprofessional 850-535-2486
Webb, Claudia Paraprofessional 850-535-2486
Whitaker, Jessica Paraprofessional 850-535-2486


Name Title E-mail Phone
Dowda, Anisa Clinic Health Aide 850-535-2486
Smith, Shari Senior Registered Nurse Supervisor 8505352163

Food Services

Name Title E-mail Phone
Brown, Equilla Lunchroom Staff 850-535-2486
Carter, Nancy Lunchroom Staff 850-535-2486
Hall, Denise Lunchroom Staff 850-535-2486
Morris, Julie Lunchroom Staff 850-535-2486
Riley, Tamara Lunchroom Manager 850-535-2486