Parents, Sign up for Parent Portal to keep up with your child’s attendance, referrals, grades, and other pertinent information.                                            

                                                  Parent Portal Sign Up Information.

Visit The Washington County School District Website to sign up for parent portal. select the 2nd link.. “REQUEST A "NEW" PARENT PORTAL ACCOUNT”

*If you select FOCUS portal on this site (VES) it will transfer you to the WCSD page. :)

You must have a valid email address, your child's Date of Birth, and your child's Local Student ID.  You may also use his/her SSN as an option, although not required. Then you will be told to go to: Then complete the form.

**If you need the local student id it can be found on report cards or you can go ahead and email Mrs. Taylor the information below and she will email it to you once she verifies you are the guardian/parent.

Once you have registered your student, please send an email to Jennifer Taylor in the VES Office. 

Email: [email protected]

Please title the email: Parent Portal

Please include the following information:

  1. Child’s name:
  2. Child’s Date of Birth:
  3. Parent Name:
  4. Parent Email Address:

Please allow 24-48 hours for access. Mrs. Taylor will send an email verifying that she has verified your information and granted access. Then within 24 hours access should be available.