Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida!


         January 24-28, 2022


         District:  Washington County

         School:   Vernon Elementary



January 24th

**Monthly School Spirit Contest

**Posters are due today.


Reading is “Sun-Sational! Makes us so BRIGHT…we gotta wear SHADES! Day

Wear sunglasses.

Suggested Books of the Day:

The Sun is Always Shining Somewhere  by Allan Fowler

The Sun  by Seymour Simon



January 25th


Reading can take you to “Infinity and Beyond” Day

Wear a Buzz Lightyear costume/t-shirt or wear WHITE/LIME GREEN.


Suggested Book of the Day:

Eight Days Gone  by Linda McReynolds

There’s No Place Like Space! By Tish Rabe


Wednesday, January 26th

“Reach for the STARS” with a GOOD BOOK Day



Suggested Book of the Day:

Zoo in the Sky By Jacqueline Mitten

Starry Messenger by Peter Sis                        




January 27th


“May the FORCE be with you” when you READ books Day

Wear “Star Wars” t-shirt, costume or a BLACK shirt...

Suggested Book of the Day:

Planets by Gail Tuchman

Space by Priddy Books


*Bingo for Books/Family Night 5:30-7:00



January 28th


Books make my future brighter …Flashlight Friday

Bring a small flashlight to school. Turn lights off and read using the light of the flashlight.

Suggested Book of the Day:

What Makes Day and Night  by Franklyn M. Branley